Monday, 23 March 2020

kerala Lottery Results Scheduled Date Chart

Kerala lottery postponed from 22 march 2020 to 31 march 2020. The new dates are from 5 April 2020  to 14 April. Draws to be conducted from 1 April 2020 to 14 April 2020 are cancelled.

22/3/2020-POURNAMI RN-435(05/4/2020)
23/3/2020-WIN WIN W-557(06/4/2020)
24/3/2020-STHREE SAKTHI SS-202(07/4/2020)
25/3/2020-AKSHAYA AK-438(08/4/2020)
26/3/2020-KARUNYA PLUS KN-309(09/4/2020)
27/3/2020-NIRMAL NR-166(10/4/2020)
28/3/2020-KARUNYA KR-441(11/4/2020)
29/3/2020-POURNAMI RN-436(12/4/2020)
30/3/2020-WIN WIN W-558(13/4/2020)
31/3/2020-STHREE SAKTHI SS-203(14/4/2020)

31/3/2020-SUMMER BUMPER BR-72(14/4/2020)

01/4/2020-AKSHAYA AK-439
02/4/2020-KARUNYA PLUS KN-310
03/4/2020-NIRMAL NR-167
04/4/2020-KARUNYA KR-442
05/4/2020-POURNAMI RN-437
06/4/2020-WIN WIN W-559
07/4/2020-STHREE SAKTHI SS-204
08/4/2020-AKSHAYA AK-440
09/4/2020-KARUNYA PLUS KN-311
10/4/2020-NIRMAL NR-168
11/4/2020-KARUNYA KR-443
12/4/2020-POURNAMI RN-438
13/4/2020-WIN WIN W-560
14/4/2020-STHREE SAKTHI SS-205