Kerala State Lottery Results Today live – Karunya (KR-342)

Kerala State Lottery Results Today live Nirmal lottery no. (NR-65) draw held on 20/04/2018 at Sree Chitra home auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram will be live at 3.00 pm at and winners will be winning 1st Prize- Rs : 7,000,000/- .

Lottery Results of Kerala are having a history of more than 10 Years, the People of Kerala can visit here to get the instant live results of Kerala state lotteries. We have Whatsapp broadcast Facility So that you will get the live results directly to the inbox of Whatsapp chat .at 3.30 pm sharp.

Kerala lottery Result today Live is worlds one of the big awarded lottery,keralalottery is having many bumper prizes,so lottery results held in kerala is published at 3.00 pm(First Prize), Rest of the results are published at 4.00 pm live at website.

kerala-lottery-result-todayKerala State Lottery Results Today live – Updated 3.00 pm Everyday kerala-lottery-result-today

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-live Today കേരള ലോട്ടറി /  Lottery Kerala Results-Below(20/04/2018)

Kerala State Lottery Results Today live Below (April-2018)

   kerala-lottery-result-todayKerala lottery result livekerala-lottery-result-today

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveKarunya KR-342 Lottery Results

       Dated:21-04-2018 Saturday

Yesterday Kerala State Lottery Results Below (April-2018)


Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveNirmal NR-65 Lottery Results

       Dated:20-04-2018 Friday

kerala state lotteries today is published in both pdf and text format ,to Download the Pdf format go to the Chrome browser and click on the download button,to print the lottery results press CTRL+P in the Browser and connect to the printer to get the results in A4 Sheets.

Kerala State Lotteries Result 2018 Updated Daily

 കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലമായി


kerala state lottery result

Kerala lottery Result is Bumper Draw For the users of Kerala as Kerala backward people are in a hope of getting a life-changing amount for a better life. kerala state lottery today is trending in Kerala and government is getting a turn over in lakhs from this lottery money.The Ticket of Kerala lottery today is very cheaply available. The results Are Published in Both Text And pdf Format.To download the today’s lottery result in pdf scroll Down on the result page and you will get a green download button to save it to your pc or mobile.

Weekly Kerala Lottery Results Below (April-2018)
Win -Win lottery result
Sthree Sakthi lottery result
Akshaya Lottery Results
Karunya Plus Lottery Results
Nirmal Weekly Lottery Results
Karunya Lottery Results

Lottery Results Kerala  has bumper Draws like Sumper Bumper ,Vishu Bumper ,Chritmas new Year Lottery ,Pooja bumper,Mega Monsoon .These lottery results are having a prize money of crores so the kerala people are Awaiting with lot of Anxiety for this lottery Results,Keralalotteryresult today has become a trend of people as its require only one day to change the life Style of the people with crores of money reflecting in thier bank account.

Kerala State Lottery Results Today live

Monthly Kerala Lottery Results Below (March / April -2018)


Here We have Published Kerala Lottery of one month so You can Quickly navigate This Section for  Kerala state lottery results today.

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveKarunya Plus KN-209 Lottery Results

       Dated:19-04-2018 Thursday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveAkshaya AK-341 Lottery Results

       Dated:18-04-2018 Wednesday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveSthree Sakthi (SS-102) Lottery Results

       Dated:17-04-2018 Tuesday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveWin Win W-456 Lottery Results

       Dated:16-04-2018 Monday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-livePournami RN-335 Lottery Results

       Dated:15-04-2018 Sunday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveKarunya KR-341 Lottery Results

       Dated:14-04-2018 Saturday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveNirmal NR-64 Lottery Results

       Dated:13-04-2018 Friday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveKarunya Plus KN-208 Lottery Results

       Dated:12-04-2018 Thursday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveAkshaya AK-340 Lottery Results

       Dated:11-04-2018 Wednesday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveSthree Sakthi SS-101 Lottery Results

       Dated:10-04-2018 Tuesday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveWin Win W-455 Lottery Results

       Dated:9-04-2018 Monday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-livePournami RN-334 Lottery Results

       Dated:8-04-2018 Sunday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveKarunya KR-340 Lottery Results

       Dated:7-04-2018 Saturday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveNirmal NR-63 Lottery Results

       Dated:6-04-2018 Friday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-livekarunya Plus KN-207 Lottery Results

       Dated:5-04-2018 Thursday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveAkshaya AK-339 Lottery Results

       Dated:4-04-2018 Wednesday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveSthree Sakthi SS-100 Lottery Results

       Dated:3-04-2018 Tuesday

Kerala-State-Lottery-Results-Today-liveWin-Win W-454 Lottery Results

       Dated:2-04-2018 Monday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsPournami RN-333 Lottery Results

       Dated:1-04-2018 Sunday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsKarunya KR-339 Lottery Results

       Dated:31-03-2018 Saturday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsNirmal NR-62 Lottery Results

       Dated:30-03-2018 Friday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsKarunya Plus KN-206 Lottery Results

       Dated:29-03-2018 Thursday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsAkshaya AK-338 Lottery Results

       Dated:28-03-2018 Wednesday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsSthree Sakthi SS-99 Lottery Results

       Dated:27-03-2018 Tuesday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsWin Win W-453 Lottery Results

       Dated:26-03-2018 Monday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsPournami RN-332 Lottery Results

       Dated:25-03-2018 Sunday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsKarunya KR-338 Lottery Results

       Dated:24-03-2018 Saturday 

 New-Kerala-lottery-resultsNirmal NR-61 Lottery Results

       Dated:23-03-2018 Friday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsKarunya Plus KN-205 Lottery Results

       Dated:22-03-2018 Thursday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsAkshaya AK-337 Lottery Results

       Dated:21-03-2018 Wednesday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsSthree Sakthi SS-98 Lottery Results

Dated:20-03-2018 Tuesday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsSummer Bumper BR-60 Lottery Results

       Dated:21-03-2018 Wednesday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsWin Win W-452 Lottery Results

Dated:19-03-2018 Monday

 New-Kerala-lottery-resultsPournami RN-331 Lottery Results

Dated:18-03-2018 Sunday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsKarunya KR-337 Lottery Results

Dated:17-03-2018 Saturday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsNirmal NR-60 Lottery Results

Dated:16-03-2018 Friday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsKarunya Plus KN-204 Lottery Results

Dated:15-03-2018 Thursday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsAkshaya AK-336 Lottery Results

Dated:14-03-2018 Wednesday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsSthree Sakthi  SS-97 Lottery Results

Dated:13-03-2018 Tuesday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsWin Win W-451 Lottery Results

Dated:12-03-2018 Monday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsPournami RN-330 Lottery Results

Dated:11-03-2018 Sunday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsKarunya KR-336 Lottery Results

Dated:10-03-2018 Saturday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsNirmal NR-59 Lottery Results

Dated:09-03-2018 Friday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsKarunya Plus KN-203 Lottery Results

Dated:08-03-2018 Thursday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsAkshaya AK-335 Lottery Results

Dated:07-03-2018 Wednesday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultsSthree Sakthi SS-96 Lottery Results

Dated:06-03-2018 Tuesday

New-Kerala-lottery-resultswin-win w 450 lottery results

      Dated:05-03-2018 Monday

POURNAMI (RN-329) Lottery Results

Dated:04-03-2018 Sunday

NIRMAL (NR-58) Lottery Results

Dated:03-03-2018 Saturday

Karunya (KR-335) Lottery Results

Dated:02-03-2018 Friday

Karunya Plus (KN-202) Lottery Results

Dated:01-03-2018 Thursday

Akshaya (AK-334) Lottery Results

Dated:28-02-2018 Wednesday

Sthree Sakthi (SS-95) Lottery Results

Dated:27-02-2018 Tuesday

WIN-WIN (W-449) Lottery Results

Dated:26-02-2018 Monday

pournami rn-328 Lottery Results

Dated:25-02-2018 Sunday

 Karunya Kr-334 Lottery Results 

Dated:24-02-2018 Saturday


 Weekly Kerala Lottery Results 


Akshaya Karunya Plus Nirmal Pournami Sthree Sakthi Win-Win

kerala Lottery Results Prize Structure (2018)
MONDAY  Kerala Win-Win Lottery Prize Structure 2018-2019
TUESDAY Kerala Sthree Sakthi Lottery Prize Structure 2018-2019
WEDNESDAY  Kerala Akshaya Lottery Prize Structure 2018-2019
THURSDAY Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery Prize Structure 2018-2019
FRIDAY Kerala Nirmal Lottery Prize Structure 2018-2019
SATURDAY Kerala Karunya Lottery Prize Structure 2018-2019

Kerala State Lottery -Lotteries Result


New-Kerala-lottery-resultsHow to Claim Kerala Lottery Results Prize 
New-Kerala-lottery-resultsInteresting Kerala State Lottery Interesting Winning Statistics
New-Kerala-lottery-results Kerala Lottery Prize Structure All Category

 Lottery Result Kerala Liv
കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലമായി

kerala Government  Is Conducting Seven daily Kerala Lottery Results at 4.00 pm And They Include A Six Mega Bumper Lottery Results that Will be drawn from 3.30 pm.The Daily Lottery Results Are as follows the first one is Pournami Lottery Which is Published On Sunday, Sthree Sakthi Which is Published On Monday, Akshaya lottery  Kerala lottery result Which  will be on Wednesday at 4.30 pm, Kerala lottery Result Today live Karunya plus Kerala lottery result Will be Published on Thursday, Live Kerala Lottery Results Bhagyanidhi and Nirmal Lottery Results Kerala lottery Result Is Published on the Friday at 4-4.30 p.m and finally the Karunya Kerala Lottery Results On Saturday.

kerala lottery result today live,Kerala Bumper Lottery Tickets are as follows ,First one is the Kerala Christmas New Year lottery which is held at January ,And there is a jackpot summer Bumper lottery which is held on March,then keralas Festival offered lottery ticket Vishu Bumper in May, Pooja Bumper in November and Finally to End the Mega Monsoon Bumper in the Month of July .The Prize of the Bumper Kerala lottery is Between Rs 100 To Rs 250  which is cheaply available, First Prize of Kerala lottery may Vary from Rs 3 Crore up to Rs 10 Crore Prize Money.

Government introduced Bumper Rearranged System with the prize structure of all the Kerala lotteries and the lottery results, Lottery will be published on various websites Like Kerala state lottery result, With Another today lottery result, Kerala lotteries result will be held at 4.00 pm daily and today Kerala lottery result, കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി result, കേരള lottery, keralalotteryresult today, keralalotteryresult, today lottery result, keralalotteries.

How to Claim Kerala Lottery Results Prizes If Yoy Win  Explained With Complete Procedure

  • A claim application along with a Photostat copy of both sides of the ticket, self-attested should be Presented
  • Two Passport size photographs of the prize-winner duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary is Required.
  • Also, a receipt for the prize money in the prescribed form affixing a revenue stamp worth Rs.1/- with full address of the prize-winner(-download form here).
  • Suppose If the prize winner is a minor(-18), Guardianship certificate from a competent authority is a must.
  • In case of joint claims, one of the prize-winners should be authorized to receive the prize money and a ‘Joint Declaration’ in stamp paper worth Rs. 50/- should be executed.
  • Self-attested copy of the PAN Card Should Be Presented With the Image Properly Displayed in the Pan Card.
  • Attested document to prove identity ( Attested copy of Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card etc)

Prize amount can also be claimed through Nationalised, Scheduled or State/ District Co-Operative banks. The prize-winning ticket should be surrendered to the bank with all the above documents, if necessary. The bank should submit the claim to the Director of State Lotteries with the following certificates:

Kerala State Lottery Results Today live – Karunya (KR-342)
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